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We collect feedback about our Support Tickets and our customers give us a huge thumbs up for how helpful we are.

Our approach is to ensure that you feel supported and cared for when you contact us. For that matter, we pride ourselves on being helpful, kind, and resolving your Ticket as quickly as possible.

On average, our Support Tickets are closed within 32 minutes or less.


Have You Checked the Status?

You might be about to contact us about a known issue we are currently experiencing.

To save you time, we recommend taking a look at the Service Status page before contacting us. You can also use this page to keep up to date on any live updates to an incident.


Need to Know How To Do Something?

Take a look at our Help materials as we might have an article or video that answers your question. This material is available 24/7 / 365.

Enjoy some bed time reading.

Is This a Known Issue?

Sometimes there’s a bug we’re aware of, but have not had a chance to resolve yet.

See if its a known issue.

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To log a support ticket, you can email us:

Emailing us will generate a ticket automatically. Let us know what’s up and where you are contacting us from.

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