6 things to say to your friends to convince them to get the myGP app



If you are reading this, you’re probably one of the most organised in your friendship group. Let’s be honest, you have the myGP app and your friends don’t.

You are also reading this because you love them and care about them. Or maybe you are just fed up of them complaining about how busy they are to get their health in check.

Either way, help them see the light with these 6 go-to reasons:

  1. It is totally free and available throughout the UK! That’s amazing, right?
  2. Signing up is the easiest thing ever and you can still access services at your own surgery.
  3. It’s safe and NHS assured – with 1.5 million active users on the platform and around 3,000 daily transactions, it is safe to say (no pun intended) that we are trusted and committed to simplify access to the healthcare system.
  4. You are in control – check medical records on the go! With myGP your personal medical records move with you, so you can check them anytime!
  5. The app is suitable for everyone – whether you are barely sick and only need the app occasionally or are living with a long term medical condition. We’ve got you covered with a bunch of exciting features!
  6. You can care for other people through the app – looking after your children or caring for a loved one? myGP can help you to book their appointments wherever their location.

We hope we found these tips helpful! Happy sharing – Don’t be shy!