AI skin scanner now available on myGP® app



iPLATO’s independent healthcare -app for patients, myGP®, latest feature offers users a unique skin scanner tool, provided by Autoderm®.   

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a popular topic in the media in recent weeks. There have been multiple concerns raised about its use. However, there are many impressive benefits to AI transforming healthcare, such as earlier diagnosis, improved decision making and empowering patients to stay healthy.  

Users can take control of their skin health by simply uploading an image of their skin concern. Next, they will be presented with the top 5 skin disease results, ranked in order of probability. 

Autoderm’s creator, Dr Alexander Börve highlights

“It’s like a search engine for your skin. Instead of entering text and then looking at photos, you upload a photo of your skin ailment and get text back to make informed decisions on your skin concern.”  

According to The British Association of Dermatology, in the UK, there are approximately 13 million skin consultation appointments every year. Autoderm’s research indicates that up to as many as half of users do not require a visit to the doctor as their skin concern can be treated with over-the-counter medication.  

“The service helped me to understand my likely skin diagnosis which meant I was already well informed when I rang my doctor to request medication. It made the process far more reassuring for me, and much quicker when getting medication from my doctor”.

 Mrs A Sharma, myGP app user

This process reduces unnecessary appointment anxiety and burden the waiting time attached to receiving a specialist referral. 

Dr Alexander Börve continues, “The AI model can screen for inflammatory diseases, benign tumours, skin cancers and visual sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) anonymously.” This is a particularly useful element for those who may not feel comfortable visiting their GP for seemingly sensitive issues, such as STDs.  

Over 2.8 million people are now able to access this feature anonymously on the UK’s largest independent healthcare app, which lets users order repeat medication, book GP appointments and access local support services. 

To access the skin scanner tool, download the app from the App store.