All the reasons why you shouldn’t download the myGP app – from the people that have!



You’ve heard of other medical apps but wondered why you should start or continue using the myGP app?

We’ve been about for a while and you may have heard about us through your practice or from a friend that won’t stop going on about it – are you that friend? We don’t judge!

We’ve decided to play the devil’s advocate and here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t download the app.

1. It could genuinely change your life

2. Those chores that you’ve been avoiding for the past few days or months, will have to get done now

3. You’ll have to find a new excuse for stepping away from your desk to book a ‘doctor’s appointment’

4. We can make you speechless

5. Our app is laughably great!



NHS assured, myGP is the #1 downloaded medical app – providing patients with direct access to services at their own GP. Patients can book/cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions, manage medicine alerts & track their health. The software also offers in-app triage and remote consultation, helping practices to reduce the number of face to face appointments by signposting patients to alternative, more appropriate points of care.