New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy



Who’s made a New Year’s resolution this year? And who’s broken it already?

You’re not alone, studies show that 80% of people give up their resolution by February. That’s fairly dispiriting statistics, it’s almost enough to make you consider giving up the whole idea entirely.

But what if this is something you really want to stick to? What if it’s something as vital as your health, and giving up could have serious consequences? You start looking for ways to help you keep them.

It’s the subject of various blog posts and articles online, and we’ve probably all heard the various tips:

“Just choose one”

“Make it achievable”

“Start small”

and so on…

But did you know there’s a tip that’s been backed up by statistics?

Tracking is when you record important information about the change you want to make. This can take the form of a food diary, logging your runs, weighing yourself every week, or a million other options.

And the evidence can’t be ignored, one study with 1,700 participants showed that individuals who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t.

If you wanted to take advantage of this strategy, there’s a huge variety of apps available or even the old pen and paper! There’s even many specifically advertised for tracking your health, all with their own advantages.

But myGP is a bit special, as the next update will let you share your data with your doctor, your nurse, even your family or friends! You can already track data for your weight, your blood pressure and taking your medication, which helps many people stick to their New Year’s resolutions. And soon you’ll be able to show off your hard won gains to healthcare staff and anyone who also has the app. You’ll even be able to get some advice from your GP if you struggle with your goals.

So if you’d like to boast about the pounds you’ve dropped, better control of your blood pressure or keep an eye on forgetful Uncle Cyril taking his medication, it’s going to be as easy as checking Facebook.

By Fi Ozin