Tue 19th Nov, 2019

A day as an Account Manager at iPLATO

If you are expecting a routine 9 – 5  job and same office people, I may be the bearer of bad news, as this is far from it!

Many people ask me if I am going to move on to a new job any time soon and my immediate thought is always….why would I?

I’ve been part of the business for 10 years and I love being an Account Manager at iPLATO – there are lots of perks, here!

Each day is very different as we are always faced with many challenges that usually lead to great achievements!

I get to meet all kinds of people, speak and present to the real guys on the ground within practices and more importantly I get to help, support and provide life- saving services – I think there is something very exciting about that!

I normally start the morning with checking emails, making notes of people/practices that need to be called for a follow up and then proceed with preparing for any meetings or presentations that are due in the coming days/months.

I also have catch-up calls with my line manager to discuss the week’s progress; while on other days, which can get busy very quickly, I attend Primary Care Network (PCN) meetings or even bigger ones such as like National events that bring healthcare professionals under one roof.

I started working at iPLATO a decade ago and I have seen many positive changes over the years. This highlights the fact that the business can very rapidly adjust to the current environment.

Every day is a different day and that is what’s so great about my job!

Simerjit Kaur

Account Manager 

iPLATO is an exciting business, with 45% growth year on year over the last 2 years. We are rapidly expanding, and you could be the right person to join us on this journey. To apply for any roles, please send us a covering letter and a CV to careers@iplato.net outlining the reasons why you would like to join the team.

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