Tue 15th Oct, 2019

Eradicating Childhood Measles – How myGP Can Help

Measles is a potentially life-threatening disease. Until recently a hugely successful NHS vaccination programme meant that measles had become a disease of the past in the UK.

Now it is back. This year the UK lost its ‘measles-free’ status as instances of the disease are on the rise. In some parts of the UK as many as one third of eligible children are not getting their full measles vaccination, putting themselves and others at risk.The reasons behind the return of measles are complex, but studies indicate key factors are lack of knowledge amongst parents, and the perpetuation of scare stories and myths about the vaccine on social media. The NHS has recommended that GPs do more to inform parents about the need to vaccinate their children, and to help dispel damaging myths.

How can myGP help?

myGP is the number-one most downloaded medical app for smartphones, with well over a million UK patients using the app to connect to their GP, book appointments and monitor their own health.

Here’s how a GP practice can use the app to promote MMR vaccinations:

  • Identify those at risk.
  • Send a message to the parent using the app.
    • A message directly from your GP is a powerful way to quash misinformation about vaccinations.
    • You can link to websites in the message, www.nhs.uk has great resources for this.
    • If you want, they can reply to the message with their questions.
  • Invite them to book into a vaccination clinic.
  • The parent books their child’s appointment directly through the app. It’s easy!
  • Repeat the process for the second vaccination.

The whole thing can be done in a few minutes with a few clicks of the mouse.

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