Mon 9th Apr, 2018

iPLATO launches preGP®

Two million patients to benefit as iPLATO launches preGP as part of Online Consultation solution to address increasing demand on Primary Care

After the successful clinical evaluation of the SBRI funded development of preGP for reducing demand for GP appointments, iPLATO have now commercially released the preGP service into primary care in England.

Patients frequently comment about access to GPs and being able to obtain a GP appointment yet so many (up to 27%1) of these are taken up for unnecessary reasons. In reality many patients go to A&E or Urgent Care in their frustration where they know the ‘lights are always on’.

preGP is a signposting and information gathering system that is tailored to local services and can allow patients to access care 24/7/365. The service allows patients to book a GP appointment using the number 1 free medical app myGP® already used by nearly 500,000 people. It then uses insights to signpost access to clinical services, local pharmacies, nurse led care and can dynamically offer earlier access to care e.g. telephone call back appointments.

Video consultation is to be integrated later in the year and with the backing of SBRI to build Artificial Intelligence into the offering, the service has already been commissioned to cover 2m patients.

“This service could save the NHS  around £150m per year according to independent economic evaluation” said Mike Lewis, Chairman of iPLATO Healthcare.

Read the full article on Pulse Today. 


1 Making Time in General Practice. Freeing GP capacity by reducing bureaucracy and avoidable consultations, managing the interface with hospitals and exploring new ways of working. October 2015. Prepared by Henry Clay & Rick Stern

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