Mamma mia…here we go again!

In some parts of the world, today, many families are coming together to celebrate Mother’s day.

This a great opportunity for you to express your love for your mum, if you aren’t already doing this on a daily basis. We all know that mothers are amazing and that being a mum is one of the toughest but most rewarding jobs out there.

Not a day should go by where we aren’t grateful for all the hard work and sacrifices that mothers make for our families. In this blog post we’ve asked employees in the London office what they love about their mums. Here are some sweet words, that made the cut! – By the way, there are many more but this is all I can fit in this blog.

1. I love my mum because she laughs at my bad jokes even when they aren’t funny.

2. The gift of life itself and the years of selfless care and nurturing were all good – but her secret recipe soda bread, fresh from the oven, is a preview of Heaven.

3.  I love my mum’s unwavering support and pride in everything I do. In return I make her cry by giving her wonderful gifts for putting up with me.

4.  My mum is always there for me and my family… no questions asked.

5. My mum is my inspiration! She never fails to make me happy! 

To all the young or old-ER children … Spoil mum with a well-deserved treat! There’s nothing wrong with flowers, brunch or a spa weekend, all she needs to know is that you care!

To all the mothers out there… Although Mother’s Day only comes once a year, keep going you are doing a great job! Caring for someone you love is rewarding but can be hard too. Our myGP app enables you to manage your loved ones’ health, in just a few taps. Download today!


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