Wed 24th Jul, 2019

Medical Record Access Now Available in myGP

With over 1 million patients using myGP, we continue to simplify access to healthcare with a host of powerful features. We are really pleased to let you know that Medical Record Access is now available via the myGP app!

As you are aware, a part of the GP Contract is that from April 2020, patients should have Online Access to their Medical Records. With your help and support, we have been working hard over the past few months to ensure that we can offer this functionality to your patients through our myGP app.

This functionality will be available for patients at EMIS practices and we will roll it out gradually over the next few days. From a practice or CCG perspective there is nothing to do, we will handle this remotely for you.

You are in control

You can either activate or disable access to medical record information on a per patient basis within EMIS Web. If you do disable this feature for a patient, then the message ‘Medical Records Disabled’ will be displayed to the patient within myGP.

Please refer to EMIS Web’s help materials for more information on Medical Record settings.

Next Steps

  • Medical Record Access is now being rolled-out to patients registered at practices using EMIS Web
  • Don’t forget that patients will need to have their NHS Online Credentials to access medical records within the myGP
  • As always, patients that require support can contact myGP Support via
  • Transactions from patients using the Medical Record Access feature will contribute to your official ‘POMI’ data
  • We can support you with increasing your patient online usage with our FREE myGP recruitment campaign

Email us to learn more about the FREE Recruitment Campaign

If you have any further questions about how this update may affect you or your patients, please speak to your account manager who will be happy to help.

As always, if you or your patients need any support you can contact myGP Support via