Fri 5th Jul, 2019

Over 1 million users of myGP® and going strong.

4th July is known by many in the USA as Independence Day but for iPlato it’s the day when we celebrated our 1,000,000th user of the myGP® app. With over 90,000 new members joining in June, we are fast becoming the Number 1 app that patients use to interact with their GP. In addition, we are proud to be the number 1 free downloaded app on both Google and Apple platforms for 28 out of the last 30 days.

We recognised early on that patients had a choice so wanted to make the user experience simple and provide simplified access to care. In certain parts of the country we are now allowing patients to book appointments with more than their GP, for outpatient care and soon for all their NHS care. Some forward thinking STPs and CCGs are also testing our remote monitoring additions where patients can send their GP data about their condition from their smartphone such as Blood glucose levels or Oxygen saturation.

Our remote video consultation solution is now picking up acceptance, so patients who want to see a GP but not necessarily go to the practice can get care sooner. They can see their own GP and not have to sign up to services like GPatHand which ensures continuity of care.

Not all our healthcare needs come from the NHS which is why we are opening our app up to all of your healthcare. As we go through the next 12 months we will be allowing our members to find optical, dental, physiotherapy, chiropody and make this one experience.  As we add partner services like rapid access to mental health care or free delivery of repeat medications then myGP® becomes the one app you will need.

Looking ahead, we want to make myGP® the patient’s app built around them, rather than being built around the ‘system’ itself, we want to offer choice, simplicity and confidence. We can’t wait to tell you when we reach the 2 million mark of happy members.


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