NHS England confirmed that centrally funded text messaging on NHSmail has ended. iPLATO, a market leader in healthcare communications
offers the UK's best patient text messaging service for primary care at the most competitive rates.

10 reasons why you should use iPLATO Patient Care Messaging


Text messages are charged to CCGs who have a contract with EE

All text messages generated by your practice will be charged to your CCG, so there will be no cost for your practice for sending out text messages, unless the CCG charges this back to you. This service is subject to your CCG having a contract in place with EE.


Stay Safe and Secure through our Cloud Based Service

Join over 1300 iPLATO GP practices who place great importance on patient consent and clinical safety. The iPLATO Patient Care Messaging service is easy to configure with no costly setup. Also, our service is IGSoC approved and directly connects to EE from our N3 cloud.


Tools that puts you in control

iPLATO Patient Care Messaging puts you in control of your mobile patient communication. You decide on the content of your reminders, the frequency of when they go out, and also, who should receive them and who should not.


Easy-to-use and Connect

The iPLATO Patient Care Messaging service connects with EMIS Health,
TPP SystmOne and INPS Vision. Once your practice has signed up, our specialist trainers will make sure your induction to our service is seamless.


No long term commitment, seamless upgrade

As soon as you are registered to use iPLATO Patient Care Messaging, you can choose to upgrade to our PRO service. With an array of more features and benefits as well as a rolling monthly contract, this flexible option gives you more control on the services you want and need for your practice.


Campaign Tools for Patient Engagement

The iPLATO Patient Care Messaging service comes with simple and easy-to-use templates that can be set up and run in less than five minutes, so that you can send effective campaigns that put you in control of all your patient communication. Our campaign tools promote best practice in terms of patient engagement with Read Coding for QoF and DES, allowing you to automate Read Codes for patient replies.


SMS Survey – Friends & Family Test Template

iPLATO Patient Care Messaging allows the GP practice to ask the Friends & Family Test questions via a text message following an appointment. Patients wishing to provide FFT feedback will do so on a web-link attached in the text message. This basic service – controlled by the practice through a simple tick box meets all of NHS England’s requirements on anonymity. Please follow this link for information on our advanced FFT service.


myGP™web: Increases Patient Engagement and Improves Access to GP Services

Accessed through iPLATO Patient Care Messaging, myGP™ web is a fully digital and optimised web service that provides patients using a smartphone or a tablet with real-time information on out-of-hours GP services and NHS walk-in centres.


Connecting Patients. Transforming Healthcare

We’re constantly looking at how we can add even more value to iPLATO Patient Care Messaging, including the launch of new features such as a test result notification service and an inbuilt SMS button in your current GP System**. Our developers work hard on getting you ready for the future, today.


Great support when you need it the most

There is now a new and dedicated Product Support Contact Number:
+ 44 20 8088-0068 for all iPLATO Patient Care Messaging users. When you call, you will be asked to provide all the details in relation to your enquiry. You will then be given a ticket number so that the Product Support team can follow up with you directly in order to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

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iPLATO Patient Care Messaging Options

iPLATO Patient Care Messaging

£44 /month
Free SMS for GP Practices in England and Scotland*
  • Smart Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Read Code Write Back (delivered messages)
  • Campaign Manager (Group Management/Manual Messaging)
    and no-reply Read Coding
  • GP Practice Friends & Family Test via SMS
  • Advanced Delivery Reporting and
    Failed Number Alert
  • In-built GP System Alerts** with
    Test Result Notification Service (EMIS Health)
    and Alerts (TPP SystmOne)
  • iPLATO myGP web – A fully digital and optimised web service
  • Commercial SMS Gateway* (EE 1-way)
  • N3 Cloud Hosting
  • No Hardware Requirements
  • IGSoC Approved
  • Patient Consent Management and
  • Session Holder Exclusion
  • Online User Guides & Video Tutorials
  • Dedicated Helpline & Phone Support
  • Waiting room posters
  • Setup: Free
  • Training and Launch (mandatory): £75

* Subject to CCGs in England and NHS Scotland funding SMS messaging on behalf of GP practices. GP practices in Wales and Northern Ireland will be charged 2.5p per message.

** Subject to CCG approval.

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All prices exclusive of VAT. Payment by Monthly Direct Debit. If you are a new user you will have to register with iPLATO before signing up to our services. It only takes a few moments.