myGP app: Connecting patients to NHS services

As the largest independent medical services platform in the United Kingdom, myGP® connects millions of patients to almost 50,000 clinicians and the services of tens of thousands of pharmacies. myGP acts as the digital front door for patients accessing the NHS.

General Practice

Through myGP your patients can have instant 24/7 access to services at your practice, including triage, appointment booking, and repeat prescription ordering. 

myGP has a suite of products aimed at reducing administrative burden and improving patient access to services. We understand the pressures of primary care and we are continually evolving and learning to ensure that we develop products that best meet the needs of primary care. 

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It is estimated that between 30-50% of patients taking medicines for chronic conditions do not take their medicines as prescribed, and wasted medicines are thought to cost the NHS in England around £300 million per year. 

By offering medication reminders, weekly and monthly adherence reports, and repeat medication ordering, myGP can help the 29 million people in England that take repeat medications. myGP is committed to improving the health of patients living with long term conditions. 

Referral Services

We know that GP surgeries offer more than just one to one healthcare advice but we also know that a lot of appointments booked with a GP could have been managed in the community or by another member of the MDT.
We are growing our capability to signpost patients to both partner and local NHS commissioned services that can meet patients needs more quickly and effectively. . 

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Health Checks

myGP simplifies access to a range of preventative, diagnostics, and educational services funded by the NHS. 

If your GP surgery or local NHS organisation has put these services on myGP, then the app will notify you of the availability of the service and, in many cases, allow you to book an appointment there and then. 

Our myGP Partners

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iPLATO’s digital-first NHS Health Checks

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 1 in 4 deaths each year: 7.6m people are reported to be living with CVD, costing £15.8bn to the wider economy.

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iPLATO’s Smoking Patient Questionnaire saves time and money for GP practices

Case study from Haslington Surgery, Cheshire CCG: The practice sent out a smoking status myGP Patient Questionnaire to a group of patients, out of which 651 confirmed that they smoked and subsequently received smoking cessation advice.

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iPLATO’s myGP increased self-referrals to Talking Therapies / IAPT

Working across nine Talking Therapy Service hubs across London and Bedfordshire, myGP deployed targeted SMS messages to drive self-referrals for IAPT services. Patients were targeted by age and gender, with each SMS message including three options for them to self-refer

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