Remote Consultation

Remote consultation provides practices and patients with the flexibility to have a consultation without the need to travel to the surgery. Consultations are facilitated via the Remote Consultation floating toolbar within the practice’s clinical system. This toolbar lets clinicians easily send template or bespoke messages and invitations to video consultations in seconds.

myGP interface

Where appropriate an alternate appointment such as a nurse, telephone or video consultation can be offered to the patient by sending a message. This is received via myGP app, or via SMS — reducing the number of unnecessary appointments in primary care. 

Alternatively, direct patient messaging with the option of adding file attachments, on both practice and patient ends, is available as an additional communication method that can help reduce administration task and follow-up interactions.  

Remote Consultation complements the Intelligent Care Navigation module preGP which has proven to reduce unnecessary appointments by 26% and free up GP time. 



Video consultations

Direct patient messaging

Automated clinical coding

Ability to send files/ attachments by both practice and patient




Transforms the patient experience by improving access

Gives autonomy to the healthcare professional, transforming the way they manage their patients

Improves health outcomes

Reduces NHS costs and costs to commissioners

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Diabetes Prevention

NDPP is a face-to-face, tailored behavioural change programme, which is available to people found to be pre-diabetic. NDPP’s nine-month behaviour change programme offers patients advice on diet and exercise, and support adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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myGP app

myGP app

As the largest independent medical services platform in the United Kingdom, myGP connects millions of patients to almost 50,000 clinicians and the services of tens of thousands of pharmacies.

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Population Health

Population Health

iPLATO's population health service is a market leading multi-media mass communication solution used by Public Health England and ICBs to increase the engagement of their population with key public health metrics.

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Web Bookings

Web Bookings

Optimise your appointment booking process with Web Booking

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Triage ensures that your patients are seen by the right clinician, or practice member at the right time, through the most appropriate method.

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