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Simplifying access to healthcare, globally.

With roots in the UK and eyes on the future, iPLATO - a Huma company - is building healthcare technology to improve the health of our communities; wherever we operate around the world.

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One Solution. Two key players.

Our first and biggest brand, myGP (operating in the UK since 2016), embodies our belief in the power of simplification – for the patient as well as the practitioner.

myGP’s features tackle the most pressing problems for primary care practices: missed appointments, time pressures, and dwindling resources. It also connects practices with their patients via an app which has been specifically designed to patients to take an active, empowered role in their own health and wellbeing.

As the clinical environment becomes ever more complex and the challenges mount, it’s clear that the time is right for a single, simple solution which translates easily around the world. myGP is our first and best test case; improving the interaction between primary care providers, complimentary health services, and the patients that they serve.

Witness the evolution of patient engagement.

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One Solution. Two key players.

myGP Engagement Hub

myGP Engagement Hub allows healthcare providers to run large scale and multi channel patient communication campaigns.

  • Clinically proven to improve patient engagement
  • Customisable messaging across multiple media channels
  • Ability to target and recall specific clinical patient groups at scale
  • Read / write interactions directly into the patient medical record

“We want to help healthcare providers engage with large populations with calls to action and produce demonstrable clinical benefits”.
Chi Chi, Project Manager iPLATO

Case Studies

  1. Improved breast cancer screening
  2. Improved cervical cancer screening attendance
  3. Improved uptake in colorectal cancer screening
myGP Patient Support Services

myGP Patient Support Services

Our tools improve healthcare efficiency by enabling patients to actively participate in their health management.

myGP Patient Surveys

myGP Patient Surveys

Improve your healthcare services through collection of valuable patient feedback.

myGP Bespoke Development

myGP Bespoke Development

We offer development of innovative custom solutions tailored to your business needs.

A Focus on Affiliation
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A Focus on Affiliation

Fundamental to our mission of simplifying access to healthcare is the provision of choice. Though we work closely with National Health Service in the UK, and are 100% committed to supporting public health organisations, it is also true that many private providers deliver exceptional care to patients around the world, either as complimentary to national health services, or as the sole providers of care. The private options featured on our platform are guaranteed by our customer charter to provide qualified, professional health services to our users. By integrating high-quality private and publicly funded options into our platforms, iPLATO platforms ensure the all-important element of choice in every market in which we operate.

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