Digital-first patient engagement

Underpinned by one technology platform, iPLATO is transforming primary care and population health through high-impact, multi-channel patient engagement.
Together with innovation partners, our solutions transform overburdened and fragmented healthcare routes into streamlined digital-first patient pathways.

Partnership in numbers...

Over 50%

of NHS Payers deploy iPLATO


of GPs surgeries use iPLATO


Patient network


Health-conscious patients on myGP app


Every day, our solutions...

  • Empower millions of patients and carers to take control of their healthcare
  • Improve patient outcomes and reduce health inequalities
  • Support financial sustainability – reducing overall costs of care while maximizing provider revenue and resource utilisation
  • Improve collaboration between clinicians and other care professionals
  • Transform the patient and clinician experience of care
  • Address workforce challenges

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Population Health Service

Population Health Service

A market leading multi-media mass communication solution used by Public Health England and ICBs to increase the engagement of their population with key public health metrics.

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myGP app

myGP app

The largest independent medical services platform in the UK, myGP connects over 2.8m patients to almost 50,000 clinicians and the services of tens of thousands of pharmacies.

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Redressing the power imbalance between patients and clinicians — allowing GPs to seamlessly communicate with their patients, and patients to take an active, empowered role in their own health and wellbeing.

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