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“Our aim is to help patients access the right care at the right time with the right provider.”
Tobias, Founder iPLATO

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Remote Consultation

Intelligent Care Navigation decreases unnecessary appointments by empowering patients with knowledge to seek relevant alternative solutions.

Remote Consultation reduces face to face appointments by enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions for triaging patients and resolve requests remotely.

  • Proven to successfully reduce appointments demand by 20%
  • Automated, clinically safe sign-posting to alternative pathways
  • Offer local and national services to suitable patients
  • Direct patient communication via video, in-app messaging or phone call

Case Studies

  1. Independent Health Economist Report
  2. Initial findings Liverpool CCG
  3. Practice experience of implementation
Remote Consultation

myGP Messaging

myGP Messaging enables healthcare providers to communicate directly with patients through multi-channel messages.

  • Reduces DNA’s and frees up appointments for patients who need them
  • Improves uptake and awareness of health campaigns through local and personalised messaging
  • Automates appointment reminders for patients
  • Seamlessly integrates with healthcare systems

“After having our iPLATO system on for a few months we have found a 20% reduction in our DNA appointments – which has led to us seeing more patients and the receptionists now have more time to answer calls as they aren’t having to manually cancel appointments.” 
An Essex based Practice.

Case Studies

  1. DNA Reduction in Bolton CCG
  2. Recycling appointments cancelled by patients in Wales
  3. Improving immunisation and vaccination rates in London

myGP Engagement Hub

myGP Engagement Hub allows healthcare providers to run large scale and multi channel patient communication campaigns.


  • Clinically proven to improve patient engagement
  • Customisable messaging across multiple media channels
  • Ability to target and recall specific clinical patient groups at scale
  • Read / write interactions directly into the patient medical record



“We want to help healthcare providers engage with large populations with calls to action and produce demonstrable clinical benefits”.
Chi Chi, Project Manager iPLATO

Case Studies

  1. Improved breast cancer screening
  2. Improved cervical cancer screening attendance
  3. Improved uptake in colorectal cancer screening
myGP Engagement Hub
myGP Patient Support Services

myGP Patient Support Services

Our tools improve healthcare efficiency by enabling patients to actively participate in their health management.

myGP Patient Surveys

myGP Patient Surveys

Improve your healthcare services through collection of valuable patient feedback.

myGP Bespoke Development

myGP Bespoke Development

We offer development of innovative custom solutions tailored to your business needs.

myGP Intelligence
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myGP Intelligence

We deliver customised, actionable insights into patient engagement, activity performance and cost-efficiency.


  • Insights on nearly 7 million secure patient communications per month
  • Cloud-based analytic dashboards tailored to different users
  • Patient engagement, performance trends and demographic analysis available



“The key to making decisions is data. We are building tools that help payors and providers understand how to use tax-payers money effectively”.
Martin, CFO iPLATO

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