Delivering Digital Asthma Reviews



One in five people in the UK are affected by a respiratory disease The UK has the worst asthma death rates in Western Europe with 7.4 million people currently living with the disease.

During winter, hospital admissions from this disease double across England. Disadvantaged groups show higher incidence and mortality rates across respiratory disease. In fact, preventable deaths in those under 75s from respiratory disease are 2.9 times higher in deprived areas.

Through regular attendance of annual asthma reviews, optimal self-management can be checked, and treatment plans adjusted, if necessary. However, only 35% of people with asthma are accessing their basic care.  The annual economic burden is estimated at £3bn and NICE reported that almost 90% of NHS spend on asthma is on medication which sets the case for medicine optimisation through more accessible asthma reviews. 

Main body 

iPLATO’s digital annual asthma review pathway is a scalable solution promoting better self-management with patients whilst minimising clinical pressures. 


  1. Register your practice 
  2. Identify patient cohort 
  3. Engage patient population 
  4. Data Collection via ACT Questionnaire 
  5. Automatic coding to medical records 
  6. Inhaler technique educational content surfaced to check the patient understands, based on the prescribed inhaler 
  7. At-risk patients can be invited to book an appointment via online booking, with a practice, PCN or third party clinical services 
  8. Depending on severity, directed to self-management on myGP, preventative care, or Remote Patient Monitoring