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iPLATO’s Blood Pressure Patient Questionnaire



iPLATO’s Blood Pressure Patient Questionnaire

iPLATO’S  Blood Pressure Patient Questionnaire can quickly engage your hard-to-reach patients and reduce admin time by over 25%.  

Like most GP practices, Brondesbury Medical Centre used to update patients’ blood pressure readings manually. This required the reception team to make phone calls, send letters and SMS textmessages. When, and if, patients did reply, they would then update each patient record individually. This process would take up to four minutes per patient. Brondesbury Medical Centre had 220 patients they considered hard to reach. Ensuring these patients provided their blood pressure reading was particularly important. Managing this list alone amounted to 880 minutes (14.6 hrs) of admin time. 

 The myGP blood pressure Patient Questionnaire makes gathering and recording this information simple and easy. 

  • Questionnaires are pre-populated and ready-to-use 
  • Send personalised text messages to each patient with detailed instructions on how to record and update their reading
  • Replies can be coded and uploaded directly into each patient record


Using the myGP blood pressure Patient Questionnaire, Brondesbury Medical Centre received 60 replies from their hard to reach list in less than 24 hours – reducing admin time by 27%