6 additional CCGs enabled to use myGP®



iPLATO Healthcare is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a development contract with Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG to add enhanced digital services to the myGP app.

The development contract will add functionality around digital care plans and pre-consultation data gathering to the existing services. myGP was chosen as it fully integrates with all Clinical IT systems, and is able to read and write data back to the patient records from within the NHS network.

myGP already enables GP practices in the CCG to automate appointment bookings, reminders, cancellations, send targeted health-check/screening reminders to those relevant patients and generally support patient self-care through personal digital care tools. myGP is the only mobile patient-facing solution that can run across all the major clinical systems which offers greater flexibility for CCGs who procure services where more than one GP principal system is being used, driving better efficiencies, adoption and cost-savings.

The real strength of myGP platform lies in its simplicity and ease of use, starting with the registration process to access online patient services. Patients register remotely using their date of birth and mobile number registered with the GP practice. Following a secure authentication process, they are ‘ready to go’ with functionality including ‘WhatsApp-like’ practice-patient messaging.

Mike Lewis, Chair of iPLATO commented,

“We are delighted our partners in Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG recognise the growth of the myGP app and the reception that it has received from GP practices and patients alike.  These new developments will help to drive real cost and time efficiencies across NHS services in the CCG and enhance patient care especially those patients managing long-term health conditions”