EMIS NUG Reflections 2023

Customer Success Manager, Khalima, attended EMIS NUG 2023. Read about her highlights below! 


Key highlights:

The key highlight of attending the EMIS NUG Conference is meeting existing and new customers! It is always a pleasure to interact with others in real life in comparison to sending emails and communicating virtually. I met with several of our existing customers who are actively utilising iPLATO and they informed me of how much administration time they save, resulting in them having more time for their patients who need more attention and care.

The set-up of the conference (including the food/venue) was also very refreshing!

 Key learnings:

There are many key learnings of attending the conference. You learn a lot by meeting people and understanding their problems in healthcare, and how effective digital tools can be. Also, by attending some of the sessions was very helpful and interesting, as I sat in one of the PCN solutions talk, and how PCN’s can save costs with a variety of digital tools.

What are your thoughts on the challenges general practice face?

General Practice faces a number of challenges. One of the main challenge that was addressed was the appointment availabilities at practices. Patients want to be able to book their appointment well in advance, however not all practices open up their appointment book for pre-bookable appointments.  

How does iPLATO’s solutions help tackle these challenges?

I am speaking with practices about how they can stretch their appointments by using our tools to minimise the admin workload and patient complaints of not being able to book certain appointments. I encourage practices to use the Call/Recall functionality, where they can set up online appointments for patients that have the myGP app to book appointments online in advance. I also support practices to set up their appointment reminders accurately on our system, especially using Custom Reminders – where practices can create their own customised appointment reminders for their telephone slots etc.