iPLATO rolling out Remote Consultation across Hampshire and Isle of Wight

iPLATO announced today the rollout of its remote consultation service to over 140 GP practices in Hampshire and Isle of Wight. Funded by the NHS and procured through open competition from the NHS Digital First Online Consultation Video Consultation (DFOCVC) framework the toolbar solution integrated to both EMIS and TPP SystmOne allows GP practices to offer advanced video consultation services to their patients.

iPLATO Remote Consultation includes features designed to make the experience simple and more familiar to the everyday user of NHS services. In addition to integration to the underlying GP system, the toolbar solution also offers seamless links to other modules on the myGP platform including Messaging and Triage (subject to commissioning) and the myGP patient facing smartphone app. The most recent version of Remote Consultation includes a ‘virtual waiting room’ for patients to join before your online consultation along useful options to blur or obscure your background, online text chat, file exchange and screen sharing and multiple participants so your GP can invite a colleague.

“We are looking forward to rolling out remote consultation across Hampshire and Isle of Wight”, says Scott Pashby, Head of Customer Success at iPLATO.

“After the pandemic we all know how useful and effective remote consultation can be if used the right way in primary care. We also know that most practices have yet to find the ‘new normal’ and a healthy balance between virtual and physical appointments. Once we have installed and trained our users on the new system, we will show our commitment to supporting their digitalisation journey and share best practice and clever use cases from our nearly 3,000 GP practices through onsite visits, webinars, instruction videos and more. This commitment to continuous and gradual improvement is something that our GP practices appreciate and something that we take very seriously. We know that we are at the very beginning of digitising the patient experience of healthcare at this scale and we are thrilled to be part of it”.