iPLATO rolls-out invitations for Our Future Health



iPLATO is delighted to announce it is delivering SMS text messages and push notifications in the Greater Manchester area to invite people to join Our Future Health, which aims to be the UK’s largest research programme.

This partnership matches iPLATO’s leading expertise in practice and patient engagement, with Our Future Health, designed to be the UK’s largest health research programme. Our Future Health set out that “By 2025, we are aiming to recruit up to one in ten adults who truly reflect the UK population. By ensuring that a diverse range of people join Our Future Health, we will create one of the most detailed pictures we’ve ever had of people’s health and can make discoveries that benefit everyone.”

The Our Future Health research programme has an impressive goal to build a cohort of up to 5 million people aged 18+ from across the UK. To support this target, iPLATO is delivering SMS text messages and push notifications to invite people to join, starting in Manchester.

iPLATO will contact all GP practices on behalf of Our Future Health to gain consent for their patients to receive communications on how to take part in the national programme. Symbiotic to their mission of making healthcare more accessible, iPLATO’s GP network is invaluable.

“Our practice network is both the eyes and ears which instigate positive change. We are constantly communicating and learning from what practices need and make it our mission to provide simple solutions. As patient engagement experts, I am delighted we are partnering with Our Future Health to connect with our GP network to access patients and deliver through our strong patient communication channels. Combined, the iPLATO network of 31 million is hugely powerful and we are optimistic about the uptake we will receive for this ground-breaking research programme.”

Tobias Alpsten, Founder and CEO of iPLATO explains

Up to 500,000 people will receive this multi-channel patient engagement programme delivered by iPLATO. Communications will send out information on how to participate through the myGP app and myGP Population Health Service.

Those who choose to take part in Our Future Health will provide information about their health and lifestyles and a small sample of their blood. Volunteers will also be asked by Our Future Health for their consent to combine the information and samples that they donate with existing information about them, including their health records. Adding these additional types of information will help to build a more comprehensive picture of health and wellbeing that could be relevant to understanding what changes people’s risk of disease.

“We’re excited to be working with iPLATO as we want to make it easy for as many people as possible to join Our Future Health. Every person who joins the programme is playing an important role in helping to transform how we prevent, detect and treat diseases and we are incredibly grateful for their contribution”.

Dr Raghib Ali OBE, Chief Medical Officer of Our Future Health, commented on the partnership

To find out more about iPLATO’s multi-channel patient engagement campaigns, reach out to us at hub@iplato.com.