GDm-Health: the future of prenatal care, is here

The Huma GDm-Health solution supports proactive care, which enables better planning to minimise risk and improve patient outcomes and experiences.

Benefits for healthcare professionals

Review submitted data

Automatic prioritisation of patients

Feedback via text messages

Since August 2018 more than 100,000 women across 66 NHS Trusts have benefited from using GDm-Health.

The patient experience

Patients use the app to upload data readings

Annotate BG data with meal tags, medication doses and other comments

Review previous data graphically

Request a call back from the midwife

Using an app like GDm-Health made Ayanna feel supported and guided during her experience – Ayanna used GDm-Health during her second pregnancy

Managing diabetes digitally

GDm-Health has allowed the Royal Surrey County Hospital to digitise its approach to managing pregnant women with diabetes by adopting a “digital-first” process with electronic notes and remote monitoring.

GDm-Health improves the effectiveness of its maternity services and provides valuable support and guidance for pregnant women, helping them to manage their condition from home.

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