Engagement Hub: a managed mass-communication service

Transforming performance in clinical engagement around preventive health programmes such as cancer screening, diabetes education, and health checks. 

iPLATO's Engagement Hub features:

The Engagement Hub facilitates place-based, regional, and ICB-wide patient engagement communication programmes through secure connections to GP practice systems.

Personalised patient clinical engagement via SMS, letter, IVR, email or data messages

Hub is integrated into all GP systems used in the UK, including EMIS, Vision, and SystmOne

Service located behind the HSCN Network. All system integration is covered by contractual agreements

Formal opt-in/out to ensure a joined-up service with a dedicated microsite for surgeries to participate

Patients can opt out of receiving communications at any time during their surgery

With many clinical engagement channels to choose from, you can optimise the clinical engagement mix and cost-benefit ratio

Proven successful in previous programmes with data to support best practices and increase uptake

Questionnaires can be used at scale, or bespoke questionnaires can be created depending on the programme and scope

The iPLATO Engagement Hub has transformed the uptake of cancer screening and health checks, improving time to screening and clinical outcomes

Enable patients to book an appointment directly into the relevant clinical systems (SystmOne, EMIS & Vision) from a centralised campaign using the Engagement Hub

How does it work?

iPLATO’s Engagement Hub is generally commissioned by central or regional stakeholders, such as a cancer screening team or a digital-first health checks unit.

This includes: 

Patient engagement icon

A central system for managing patient campaigns (the Hub)

Connectors to enable data sharing with GP practices (the Spokes)

Message credits for SMS

Integration partners

Direct integration with the accredited GP Clinical Principal System providers using NHS-assured API’s.

Patient engagement integration partners

The Engagement Hub can be used for automated clinical engagement such as appointment reminders, invitation messages, and bespoke health promotion campaigns, which could also include Patient Questionnaires



Depending on which GP system is in use, remote set up will be completed across practices within the provided scope.

User support

Telephone and email support are available during office hours. NB: User support includes technical support, issue notification and resolution, and basic system operations.

IT support

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