Selfbook: simplifying appointment booking

Selfbook allows patients to book assigned appointment slots that are convenient to them through an easy-to-use interface.

Optimising the booking process

Patients can choose their preferred location and time slot. The Smart Gateway allows for messages to be delivered through 3 accessible channels.


The NHS App

The NHS App

Multi-site booking capability

Manage appointment availability across all sites in one place. Practices and PCNs can provide patients with a more accurate picture of practice availability.

The service can be offered as part of an intelligent care workflow within iPLATO Triage or Patient Questionnaires, for example…

Practices can offer a patient a Selfbook blood test appointment at the end of a digital Health Check or diabetes pre-annual review questionnaire

Practices can offer a patient a Selfbook appointment depending on the outcome of a medical triage request

Selfbook benefits

Practices and PCNs can invite all patients with internet-enabled devices

Reassure patients with automatic appointment confirmation

Deliver multi-media patient education

Allow patients to cancel or rearrange online

Send automatic appointment reminders

Invite specific patients to book designated appointment types

Going beyond booking 

  • Educational content can be added to invitations to encourage uptake

  • Patients can easily cancel or change their appointment before the start time

  • The booking slot type can be renamed to make it more patient-friendly

  • Up to three appointment reminders can be automatically sent by SMS or free data message

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