Now that you have your training session confirmed and booked, it will be useful to cover certain info on the process of joining with Microsoft Teams.

Email Invitation

Once you have confirmed a date, time, and attendees for your training session, you will be sent a Microsoft Teams invitation email to confirm your session. Please do the following:

  • Open the Invitation Email
  • Click the Accept icon in the top right corner of that email
  • Your Microsoft Teams calendar will automatically be updated with an appointment slot

Attending Meeting (with MS Teams)

If your practice has Microsoft Teams installed on your computer, please follow these steps to attend your training meeting:

  • Log-in to your Microsoft Teams account
  • Click on the left Calendar icon, and then click Join at the scheduled time

Attending Meeting (without MS Teams)

If your practice does not have Microsoft Teams installed on your computer, you will still be able to join the meeting. Please follow these steps:

  • Open your Microsoft Teams meeting invitation email at the scheduled time
  • Scroll to the bottom of email and click on the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting option
  • You will be brought to a browser page asking How do you want to join your Microsoft Teams meeting?
  • If you wish not to install the app, choose the option of Continue on this browser
  • You will now join via a browser-based version of Microsoft Teams

Screen Sharing

Microsoft Teams gives the option to allow screen sharing during the training session from both you and our trainers during the session.

However, if you wish to screen share, in advance of your training call, please decide which computer will be used for the session and that all necessary user rights are in place.

Still Need Help Joining?

If you run into any issues will attempting to join, please contact our Training Team at or call our reception directly on 02037430060 ex 2.