In order to assign a Specialist Service to preGP make sure  you have enabled an allocated Slot Type in myGP Settings in advance. To activate it, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your myGP Connect system
  • Click on Settings found on the left-hand side menu
  • Click on the preGP – Care Navigation section

  • Scroll down to the Specialist Services section
  • Click  + Add Service
  • This will bring you directly to the New Specialist Service page

  • Click on the Slot Type drop-down menu
  • Any slots activated in myGP Appointments will appear in the drop-down menu for you to choose
  • Select a slot to assign for Specialist Services signposting
  • Now refer to the Appointment Reasons column to the lower right
  • Tick a box that will make for an appropriate signpost reason (e.g. ‘Blood Test’ for a Blood Test slot)
  • Click Assign Service button

Afterwards, you will be brought back to the main page with a notification that a Specialist Service has been added. The assigned Specialist Service slot will display in the Specialist Services section.

Please Note: Once you assign the Slot Type, you can edit or delete the slot at any point.