There are a number of things you can change within the Settings menu of the toolbar.


  • Click on the IP logo
  • Click on Settings


Decide if you want your Toolbar to auto-start, so you do not have to remember to open it each day

If you do:

  • Click on Enable auto-start
  • Select if you want the toolbar to open when your clinical system opens, or when your computer turns on


Adding a Signature

  • Click on the IP logo
  • Click on Settings

  • Click on Enable signature
  • White in your chosen signature, be that just your name or include the practice name too.
  • This will now be included at the end of any message you send.
  • IMPORTANT – these will count to your overall character count on an SMS message, which is 160 characters per one SMS part.  When sending, you always have the option to remove the signature to save characters.


Updates to your iPLATO Toolbar

You will see your current version number displayed (Note, this is a screenshot and not necessarily the current version)

  • If the Toolbar is up to date, no action is needed
  • If the Toolbar does need to update, the Update Now button will go blue and you will be able to select it to update
  • IMPORTANT – Many will have the toolbar centrally deployed, if your toolbar says it is not up to date, please contact your area IT

Manage account

Clicking on Manage account will take you to your login page for the iPLATO web-based platform, where you can make adjustments to user profiles as needed.