Below are the codes that will be sent back to the clinical system when a patient completes the Diabetic annual review PQ.

The Diabetic annual review asks about Smoking status, BMI, Life style, Blood pressure and Alcohol questions, those are the same as on other patient questionnaires, which you can see below.

Are you attending regular diabetic eye screening appointments?


  • Snomed: 305721007
  • EMIS read code V2: 9N2e.
  • S1 read code V3: XaATf

On average, how many hypoglycaemic episodes (hypos) do you have in a week?

Patient entered number is coded along side the following codes:

  • Snomed: 1464901000000103
  • EMIS read code V2: 1464901000000103
  • S1 read code V3: X40Jr

Do you count the carbohydrates you are eating?


  • Snomed: 983451000000106
  • EMIS read code V2: 13B10
  • S1 read code V3: Xad5D

What is your insulin to carbohydrate ratio?

  • Snomed: 771881000000103
  • EMIS read code V2: 771881000000103
  • S1 read code V3: XaXZl

Are you interested in taking part in a diabetes education programme?


  • Snomed: 306591000000103
  • EMIS read code V2: 9OLM.
  • S1 read code V3: XaNTH

I’ve already attended a diabetes education programme

  • Snomed: 413597006
  • EMIS read code V2: 9OLB.
  • S1 read code V3: XaKH0