This article will advise what you should prepare before sending your Flu Campaign:


  • Run your searches for the cohorts you want to invite to your Flu Campaign
  • Export them into an Excel or CSV file.
  • Create your Flu clinic slots and slot types (you can also create one to use for online booking for example)
  • Think of any extra instructions you might want to give when you send your SMS to your patients.


  • Take the Excel or CSV you have exported containing the patient’s unique ID number (for Emis and Vision users) or NHS numbers (for TPP/SystmOne users).
  • Go to your iPLATO Connect system and create the GROUP, ready to send.  You can send up to 6000 patients at a time.
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  • Create your messages in your iPLATO Connect system.
  • Some examples can be FOUND HERE.
  • Messages should ideally be 160 characters or less so they only use 1 SMS credit to send


  • 1 SMS message is 160 characters in length.
  • 1 SMS credit = 1 SMS message sent.
  • Based on the size of your cohorts, check to see if you have enough credits to send your messages.
  • You can see your credit balance by looking at your HOME PAGE on the iPLATO Connect platform.

Topping up

  • If you think you may need more credits to send all your messages this Flu season, you can always request/purchase more.
  • Please reach out to your Customer Success manager for more information at
  • If you self-fund the iPLATO platform, you can purchase credits from our STORE.

Custom Reminder

  • Create a custom reminder for your Flu Slot type so that when people book in or book themselves in, your iPLATO system sends the reminder for the appointment for you!
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Self book

  • Did you know Selfbook allows you to invite your patients for a flu campaign with the option to book their appointment directly through the myGP app? You can even send your patient a questionnaire beforehand.
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Clinical Codes

  • You will be able to assign a clinical code to your outgoing campaign.
    Have the clinical codes that you want to use ready.
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