Installing the iPLATO Toolbar via a centrally controlled IT team

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This page contains the files you will need to instal the iPLATO Toolbar to multiple GP practice desktops/laptops as a central IT Team or ICB.

Important: These installers are different to those needed for self-install. Click here if you’re able to self-install new software.

For Admin/IT managed installs, please use the following file:

If you should need to remove all iPLATO software from a PC, you can do this using our Cleanup Tool. This may be useful if you experience problems or prefer to perform a clean install:

Clean-up Tool:


iPLATO Toolbar is compatible with EMIS Web & TPP/SystmOne

Technical Requirements:

Please check that your operating system is fully compatible with the iPLATO toolbar, you can double-check the tech specs by clicking here

Setup Steps:


For first time installs you will need to configure your EMAS Manager for users.

  • Click here to follow the steps and set up your EMAS manager.
  • If you are in Wales, click here for the steps to set up your EMAS manager.
  • Each computer will require the product to be activated.
  • Additionally, please ensure iPLATO Connect is active. Further information on onboarding is available here.



After installing the Toolbar and opening it, SystmOne will ask for your consent to approve a ‘third-party application’. Grant the Toolbar access and it will then allow you to continue using the software.

If something goes wrong during the installation, please contact support and we will help you get set up.