iPLATO solutions largely run in the Cloud, using secure N3 connections. However, there are a number of clinical system specific requirements to ensure iPLATO solutions are able to sync patient and appointment data to and from your clinical system.

TPP SystmOne Specific Requirements – Gateway Machine

Due to the integration requirements of TPP SystmOne, all third-party solutions (like iPLATO services) must connect to a physical computer running at a healthcare provider. This machine must be switched on and logged into SystmOne so that iPLATO services are able to sync data. This computer is referred to as the “Gateway” by TPP.

TPP require that your “Gateway” computer is a dedicated machine running in a server room or back office. It is not recommended to be used as a terminal by end-users. This is to ensure that the computer is available 24/7 and to facilitate technical requirements of SystmOne and third-party product architecture.

Should the machine be switched off, all iPLATO services will either run ineffectively, or become unavailable. SystmOne functionality will also be degraded by the “Gateway” being inactive. This can lead to IG and Clinical Safety incidents occurring.

Please refer to your CCG IT Lead, or TPP representative for assistance on changing “Gateway” machines.


iPLATO solutions communicate with your clinical system using a small application called Connector. The hardware requirements for this application are detailed below:


Minimum Specification

CPU Dual core 2Ghz processor or equivalent
Hard Drive Space  1GB of free space on the C drive
Operating Systems   iPLATO Connect is compatible with all versions of Windows that are currently supported by Microsoft (excluding RT). Currently, Windows 10 is the latest supported operating system.
Monitor A minimum resolution of 1024×720
Memory    1GB of usable RAM is required to. However, other applications installed on the device should also be considered because these will increase the amount of memory required for the device to run smoothly.
Connectivity  Reliable internet access.

Anti-Virus Requirements

You will need to ensure that the Connector is able to be white-listed by any local anti-virus service or rules, as per the following details:

Folder location: C:\iPlato\jre\bin\java.exe

What is JRE?

JRE is the Jave Run-time Environment which the Connector technology is built on.

Firewall Requirements

The following IP addresses should be white-listed on any network-based firewalls, and/or locally installed Firewall applications running on end terminals:

  • 237.215.5:443
  • 237.215.9:443
  • 237.215.15:443
  • 237.215.16:443

Installation Requirements – Windows Admin Rights

In line with SystmOne integration requirements for any partner products, it is required that an application is running on a local machine at a healthcare provider.

This application needs to be installed by a user who has Admin Rights to Windows. Consideration will need to be made to provide Admin Rights to a user, or advise iPLATO of an IT Support team that can assist with this; you can provide details to iPLATO Support via

The above requirements need to be in place, or met, before any integration can be made to SystmOne.

Queries or Problems

For all queries relating to Connector, or to report a problem with your installation you can contact iPLATO Support.