Currently, TPP SystmOne integration does not allow third-party products (like iPLATO services) to pull across all your currently registered patients. iPLATO requires you to provide an up-to-date patient list on a regular basis. Please provide an export of your currently registered patients; please be mindful to remove deceased patients. The following information is required for each patient in an Excel spread sheet:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Number
  • NHS Number (for TPP)
  • Patient ID (for Emis)
  • Date of Birth

For help exporting this spreadsheet, we would recommend contacting SystmOne Customer Support directly. Once the list has been exported, please send it to the following secure NHS email address for our attention:

Is this secure?

As per Information Governance requirements, patient data must be transferred in an encrypted manner. If you use your NHS Mail account, emails to the above address will be automatically encrypted for you. As part of house-keeping, we recommend following the process above at least once a month. This is to ensure the latest updates to your patient details are uploaded to iPLATO. Should you have any queries relating to this, you can log a support ticket by emailing