A total of 14 variable fields may be used in the message composition and can be found in Settings>Templates and then selecting the edit button on your Automatic Reminder.

Variable fields for Appointment Reminders:

  • <mmm> – the month of the appointment (in three-character abbreviations, i.e. ‘Aug’)
  • <month> – the month of the appointment (no abbreviations, i.e. ‘August’)
  • <dd> – the date of the appointment (i.e. ’12’, for August 12)
  • <year> – the year of the appointment (i.e. 2007)
  • <hh> – the hour of the appointment (standard format NOT 24-hour format)
  • <mm> – the minute of the appointment
  • <a/p> – to specify the appointment’s time ‘before noon’ or ‘after noon’, indicated as ‘am’ or ‘pm’
  • <doctor> – the name of the doctor/session holder (as specified on the clinical system, i.e. ‘Dr Jon Waters’)

You can use any or all variable fields in the Appointment Reminder by typing their code directly into the message body, for example:

This is a reminder of your appointment on <mmm> <dd> at <hh>:<mm><a/p> with <doctor>.