Thank you for participating in our Webinar session, if you are having any issues joining us, and are unable to reach your session’s Web Chatter, please try these following Troubleshooting options:

I’m unable to join with my browser

To participate with our Webinar live sessions, please make sure you have a compatible browser. The following options will allow you to participate:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

My Webinar screen is grey and says ‘This live event has not yet started’

This is simply a holding screen and means the Webinar has not reached it’s scheduled start time. No need for alarm, just wait and it will begin shortly.

I am on Mute

All attendee’s audio will be put on Mute by default, this is to help the Webinar run as smooth as possible. If you wish to send us a question, you can send it in a chat message via your Q&A feature.

Will I need a Camera to join?

To participate with our Webinar session, you will not need to have a functioning Camera.

How can I send a Q&A message?

The Q&A feature is found to the right on Webinar screen. Just type in your question or enquiry into the text box, and then select Send. If you preferred to ask your question anonymously, select the Ask anonymously option instead.

The volume is too low/too high

You can adjust the webinars volume level by clicking on the Audio icon found at the bottom left of your Webinar screen, and adjust accordingly.

The video is unclear

You can adjust the webinar’s video quality by clicking on the Settings button to the bottom right of your webinar screen, and adjust accordingly.

I paused my Webinar and can’t resume

Simply click the Play button to resume the webinar, please note, if you have paused your session it will pick up from where it was paused, causing a delay in your viewing of the event. If you wish to catch up with the event click the Live option.

Contact Information

If these options have not helped you, please contact us directly via the following options: