Digitising the NHS Health Checks  

We are all fully aware of the reasons and issues surrounding invitations and completion of NHS Health Checks in the current climate. Digitising the NHS Health Checks can bring several benefits and advancements to the healthcare system.  

Firstly, moving to Digital Health Checks can significantly improve efficiency and accessibility. By moving away from traditional paper-based systems, digitisation allows for streamlined processes, automated reminders, and faster data collection and analysis. Patients can conveniently book appointments, receive electronic reminders, and access their health information online, making the entire process more convenient and patient-centric. This digitised approach can help reduce administrative burdens, optimise resource allocation, and ensure that Health Checks are delivered in a timely manner. 

Secondly, digitisation enables better data integration and analysis. By capturing Health Check data electronically, healthcare professionals can easily aggregate and analyse information, leading to more accurate risk assessment and personalised interventions. Digital systems can flag potential health risks, identify trends and patterns, and support evidence-based decision-making. Moreover, Digital Health Checks can facilitate the integration of various health records, allowing healthcare providers to have a comprehensive view of patients’ medical history and risk factors. This holistic approach improves continuity of care and enables proactive interventions to prevent or manage chronic conditions more effectively. 

In summary, digitising NHS Health Checks offers advantages such as improved efficiency, enhanced patient experience, better data integration, and advanced analysis capabilities. By harnessing digital technologies, the healthcare system can provide more accessible, personalised, and proactive care, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for individuals and a more efficient use of healthcare resources. 

 iPLATO, along with Huma, have created a full end-to-end Pathway to deliver Digital Health Checks. This cost-efficient process removes the need for patients to physically attend their practice or community setting, whilst enabling invitation, NHS Health Check completion, and therefore the payment to the practice. Fully integrated with Clinical Systems, this means that all data received is automatically updated in the EMR; also very helpful for QoF purposes. Identification of Patients’ potential medical issues can then result in being signposted to the relevant preventative care, e.g – NDPP, followed by ongoing support via remote patient monitoring. To learn more about adopting digital pathways, contact us 


Written by Barrie Holding