Expanding Choice. Simplifying Access. Improving Health.

Last month we (re)introduced to you, the myGP® engagement platform; an integrated approach to digital healthcare which empowers patients, transforms access, improves health outcomes and reduces costs.

Encouraged by the NHS this month, we are taking this one step further in our pursuit of promoting patient choice. We have been working tirelessly to ensure that we don’t just simplify communication and increase engagement for our primary care customers, but we also increase access and bring more choice to our patients.

As a next step in our evolving platform, we are introducing within our app the myGP marketplace – beginning its rollout on Monday, 07 December. We have partnered with a number of healthcare organisations across a range of sectors – from mental health to physiotherapy to wellness and nutrition – in order to offer our users simplified access to first-class healthcare services throughout the UK. Some of our partners, such as IESO and Echo are NHS funded. Others, such as My Online Therapy, VHPGO, Forth, GPDQ, Medbelle, and Ascenti are self-pay. Carefully selected to complement the NHS, they all meet our exacting partner criteria and share our ultimate goal of simplifying access to healthcare. You can learn more about how we work with our partners here.

Alongside the expansion of our patient offering, we now have made it easier than ever to access the care options available within our app. From today, patients will be able to remotely register for myGP, providing instant access to their medical records and electronic prescription ordering via NHS Login.

We anticipate that this will make the lives of our NHS partners simpler as well, as patients no longer need to call their practice to gain their NHS online credentials or be verified by the surgery to access their NHS prescriptions and medical records. Ultimately, this capability will allow practice managers and their administrative teams to focus on the patients who need them the most. And shouldn’t that be the ultimate goal?

We don’t need to remind anyone of how challenging 2020 has been. Our hope, indeed, our belief, is that the adoption of health tech innovations has, in the end, made 2020 a little bit easier for everyone. By bringing patients greater choice when it comes to their healthcare and making it easier for many of us to access those choices, we hope that we’ve contributed in some way to the positive impact of health tech this year, for everyone.

We will continue to work hard to increase access and choice for patients, while working with our clinical advisors to develop and improve our offering to our NHS partners.

Many thanks, and take care,