Key takeaways from NHS ConfedExpo 2023

Last month the iPLATO team attended the annual NHS ConfedExpo, in Manchester.

The event was hugely successful for iPLATO, and the team gained great connections and valuable learnings. Here are some of our team’s key highlights and takeaways from the event.  

Barrie Holding, NHS Partner Manager (North) at iPLATO  

I’m passionate about finding ways to tackle backlogs in the healthcare system. At ConfedExpo this year, iPLATO showcased transformation pathways. The Cardio pathway shows how Digital NHS Health Checks can transform healthcare. Digitisation enables better data integration and analysis. By capturing Health Check data electronically, healthcare professionals can easily aggregate and analyse information, leading to more accurate risk assessment and personalised interventions and support evidence-based decision making. Over the two days at the ConfedExpo it was very apparent that Digital Health Checks were being widely discussed, and the conversations we had at the stand were extremely positive and well received. 


Jenni Palmer, NHS Partner Manager (South) at iPLATO  

One of the main themes of this year’s Expo was how integrated care systems can reduce health inequalities in their regions. At iPLATO we recognise that health inequalities can only be identified and ‘designed out’ by taking a system-wide approach to population health. One of our most recent projects to improve bowel screening rates amongst non-responders, included a multi-agency approach to establish optimal communication channels and content to engage hard-to-reach groups using iPLATO’s Population Health platform.

By acting on the information we’ve gathered from patients and their communities, we’ve been able to learn how people can most easily get access to bowel screening services, and what we need to do to offer culturally sensitive and appropriate methods of communication which is going to support increased engagement, particularly amongst patients for whom English isn’t their first language, people living with a severe mental health condition, and those with learning disabilities. It was a great opportunity to talk about this exciting project with so many delegates at confed and we look forward to connecting our evidence into future programmes of work aimed at delivering preventative care at all levels in the health system.


Amanda Hayward, Project Manager in iPLATO’s Engagement Hub.  

I’m heavily involved in the iPLATO’s research pathway, specifically the Our Future Health initiative. NHS Confed was the perfect place to showcase this collaboration. The Our Future Health research programme has an impressive goal to build a cohort of up to 5 million people aged 18+ from across the UK which will allow them to look at ways to detect, prevent and find treatments for many long term conditions. To support this target, iPLATO is delivering SMS text messages and myGP app notifications to invite people to join. Being able to meet key decision makers and explain the goal of this project at this event was vital in creating opportunities to increase practice sign-ups. 

We are aware that practices are tasked with delivering NHS Health Checks but understand the restraints around capacity and resources, our offering of Free Digital Health Checks for those that register for Our Future Health represents an opportunity to gather information and increase patient engagement, alongside supporting Our Future Health deliver a research programme that will benefit the future of our NHS as a whole. 


Tobias Alpsten, CEO and Founder of iPLATO  

I really enjoyed my two, intense, days at NHS Confed this year. Huma and iPLATO came away with a long list of new opportunities and strengthen relationships with key partners. Overall, I felt that representatives from the NHS and the DHSC expressed a need for help in delivering improved care to patients and cost reductions to taxpayers and that the relatively small number of credible companies at the event have an important role to play. We are looking forward to work with our new friends to connect them to the Huma – iPLATO platform and ecosystem 


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