myGP sees rapid growth of new GP functionality after CCG endorsements

In an increasingly ‘digital first’ healthcare system many practices and NHS commissioners face a number of familiar challenges around data and affordability. As fewer patients pass through the practice, they need quality tools to capture patient feedback including blood pressure, ethnicity, anxiety, height and weight, etc. These data requirements are more complex than what can effectively be achieved through two-way messaging, and they are perfectly suited for campaigns (many patients at once, as opposed to individual communication).

With central funding for digital tools in general practice coming to an end (after some technology providers making a significant profit on the pandemic), there is a real concern about investment priorities and the affordability of these tools. For example, how much of the overall digital budget should be spent on rarely-used tools (like video) when so many other aspects of digitalising general practice need much more attention.

In Q4, 2021, we launched two new products which address this twin challenge for digital primary care: Patient Questionnaires and a floating toolbar (that we have nicknamed Buddy), which integrates with both EMIS and TPP.  The use of Patient Questionnaires to inform long term condition management has been explosive with over 130,000 questionaries sent in just a few weeks. And, after being endorsed in several CCGs as an affordable remote consultation tool, we have extended their commitment to offer messaging and video calls free of charge until June, via the Buddy toolbar.

Today, Patient Questionnaire templates include Blood Pressure, BMI, Anxiety, Depression, Ethnicity, and Smoking.

A long-time user in North West London said about the new functionality:

We are currently focusing on blood pressure (BP) recalls and needed a quick way to contact the patient and attempt the gather as many BP readings as possible. Previously we had to choosing between sending a questionnaire to one person at a time or to send Bulk SMS to groups of patients and wait for their response. Then I would have to manually enter this within EMIS. The new Patent Questionnaire functionality speeds this process up as I don’t have to manually enter anything. I can also review the BP reading before saving them. I think I am saving a lot of time and it also organises my work considerably. Essentially… you are combining the ease of access of {my existing patient engagement software) with the functionality of (my long-term condition management software).”

We are grateful to be in a position to help address many of the challenges that face NHS primary care at the moment. Not only do we contribute to the support required for those living with long term conditions; we help ensure that NHS commissioners can acquire the digital tools they need within a reasonable budget. Efficient, responsible data collection, via affordable, intuitive digital tools is absolutely key as we gradually establish a ‘new normal’ for patient care and address the many challenges that the pandemic has left behind.

As ever, myGP is here to help.