What’s new in myGP 4.1? Features, Updates & Bug Fixes

Medication Insights

In myGP 4.1, our medication feature has been expanded with Medication Insights. This feature allows patients to have a better overview of their medication adherence. With graphs showing your intake percentage, you can see trends emerge showing  you exactly what medication you are missing and on what days, encouraging you to focus on improving and missing less.

Quick response

Now you can quickly respond to a medication reminder as taken or not just by tapping on the notification when it pops up on your smartphone.

Respond to reminders at a later time

You didn’t have time to reply to a medication reminder as either TAKEN or MISSED? That’s okay, because you now you can go into medication insights find the reminder and enter its status as taken or not. You get two days, before the status is locked as NO RESPONSE.

Share your medication data

You will also be able to share your medication adherence data via a variety of share functions with a person that you choose. The data will be shared as an image without any identifiable data visible.

Access to Medication/Prescription Ordering

Now you can access prescriptions/medication ordering from the myGP homepage. You will be taken to your current GP’s online system where you will need to enter your 10-digit NHS online details. You can get this information from your surgery.

Confirm your practice

If you are registered to more than one practice, you can choose the practice you are currently with. If you have changed practice recently, the app will update if you go settings and select ‘Disconnect’ at the bottom.