This article covers how to troubleshoot some common issues you might face with myGP Buddy.

Toolbar not syncing a patient

On the first use of the iPLATO toolbar on a new PC terminal, you will need to accept a pop-up or yellow notification banner. This will allow the toolbar to integrate with the clinical system client running on your terminal.

If the toolbar is not able to select a patient, this is one of the most common reasons why.

If you have accepted this permission, close the toolbar and open it again to make sure that it is able to re-establish a connection to the clinical system client.

Video calls dropping, or have low quality

Video calls within iPLATO are built on the leading video consultation platform in the industry – specially designed for this purpose.

Internet speed and stability

The quality of the video stream portion of the call will decrease in quality, before the audio quality. This is to protect the stability of the call, so you can keep talking.

However, there can be a number of issues that can lead to a video call dropping. This is, more often than not, related to internet speed or signal strength (WiFi and 3G/4G/5G signal).

Surgery speed and technical readiness

If you are concerned that your surgery’s internet speed is too low, or that there is a network issue, you can use this diagnostic tool to check for issues. You can ignore the browser support elements of the test.

Treating a patient if there are video call issues

In line with NHS best-practice, we recommend that if a video call will not work with a particular patient, you should fall-back to a telephone consultation.

The iPLATO toolbar is not responding

The toolbar is a very lightweight app, so there should be minimal reasons why it should stop responding.
If you need to force close the toolbar you can do the following:

  • Hold down the CTRL+ALT+Delete keys on your keyboard.
  • Select Task Manager
  • Right-click and end the iPLATO toolbar application.
  • Close the Task Manager window
  • Open the toolbar again as normal.
  • This should clear any issues that are blocking the toolbar from working.

If you continue to have issues, check out our Service Status page for any known issues.