The iPLATO toolbar is the backbone of the Remote Consultation software, as it’s an always-available overlay that interacts directly with your clinical system.

It has four sections with features for your practice to use, here is a brief breakdown of each section from left to right:

myGP Info

This section will allow you to jump directly to helpful sections with the toolbar.

The sections covered are:

  • Templates: brings you to the Templates section
  • Template Categories: shows a breakdown of categories that templates have been saved under (e.g. Admin)
  • Campaigns: brings the user directly to the Campaigns creation section in Connect
  • Settings: option to have the toolbar start automatically when the computer starts up
  • Diagnostics: provides Practice System and System Information data
  • Send Logs: will send logs directly to Connect support team
  • Help: provides a direct link to Remote Consultation – iPLATO Help page
  • About: provides the latest toolbar version information
  • Minimise: will place the toolbar off screen
  • Log Out: will log out the user
  • Exit: will shut down the toolbar

Text Chat

This section enables the direct messaging features of the iPLATO toolbar:

Practices will be able to send a direct SMS to a selected patient, with the option of allowing a patient to reply, and/or send downloadable attachments with text.

Video Call

This section allows for a direct video call to be carried with a selected patient.


The go-to spot for monitoring sent and received messages via the toolbar.

Practices will be able to see sent and received messages in this section, with an option to mark inquiries Done or code them to clinical records.