Any messages sent via your iPLATO Connect platform will be delivered either as an SMS message (costing a credit) or as a Data message to either the myGP app or the NHS app.

As well as these Data messages going for FREE, we can also let you know if the patient actually read the message.

Read receipts will only be shown for data messages sent on or after the 8th of August 2023.

Read Receipts

  • In your iPLATO Connect platform, go to your Message menu, sub-menu Sent box.

  • Here you will see your messages sent out to patients and via what method, SMS, myGP app, or NHS app.
  • For Data messages via the NHS app and the myGP app, we can provide a read receipt.

  • If you hover over the read receipt, it will display the date and time the message was read by the patient.

  • Messages sent via SMS cannot provide a read receipt.