In your Reminder Exclusions section, you will be able to include Slot Types, Session Clinics and Session Holders to send out Appointment Reminders.

By default, all appointment types will be excluded, but what if you are not seeing a Slot Type, Session Clinics and Session Holders in the Excluded box?

This will be due to the linked appointment type not having any bookings attached to it within your clinical system.

A Slot Type, Session Clinics or Session Holders will only replicate from your clinical system onto myGP Connect once it has been read as active slot 24 hours in advance of the appointment date (time not relevant). If it is inactive, it will not pick up.

Top Tip: If the session Session Holder/Session Clinic/Slot Type cannot be seen in Connect, you will need to confirm that the practice has at least 1 appt booked within the next 14 days.