New Practice Registration

iPLATO offers Integrated Care Boards (ICBs), Commissioning Support Units (CSU’s) and GP Federations an effective integrated solution using a mix of text messaging and myGP and a free online patient facing service for primary care.

Centrally Funded

All iPLATO users can benefit from bulk buying across the NHS. For your funded GP Practice to enjoy all the features and benefits of our service including true ‘two-way’ messaging, your CCG must have a contract with us.

Easy-to-use and Connect

Our service connects with EMISHealth, TPP SystmOne and INPS Vision. From onboarding to set up, our team of experts will support you and make sure the entire process is seamless with no disruption to your service.

Reduces DNA and Improves Access to GP Services

Automated appointment reminders and cancellations by text allows your practice to reduce Did-Not-Attends (DNA's) and frees up appointment slots for urgent patients. These fully automated processes allow the practice to see more patients at short notice which helps improve the patient experience and reduces pressure on A&E.

Campaign Tools for Patient Engagement

Our service comes with simple and easy-to-use templates that can be set up and run in less than five minutes, so that you can send effective campaigns that put you in control of all your patient communication. Our campaign tools promote best practice in terms of patient engagement with Read Coding for QoF and DES, allowing you to automate Read Codes for patient replies.

Stay Safe and Secure through our Cloud Based Service

Join over 1500+ iPLATO GP Practices who place great importance on patient consent and clinical safety. Our service is easy to configure with no costly setup. Also, our service is IGSoC approved and directly connects to EE from our N3 cloud.

myGP™ promotes digital uptake of patient facing services

myGP is the latest healthcare app for people in England that offers faster access to care, 24/7, a range of tools to help you stay healthy, and reminds you to take your medicine.

Connecting Patients. Transforming Healthcare

We’re constantly looking at how we can add even more value to our text messaging and online services, including the launch of new features*. Our developers work hard on getting you ready for the future, today.

Great support when you need it the most

There is now a new and dedicated Product Support Contact Number: +44 (0) 20 3743 0060 for all our users. When you call, you will be asked to provide all the details in relation to your enquiry. You will then be given a ticket number so that the Product Support team can follow up with you directly to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.