Over 370,000 myGP app users benefit from the Autoderm skin scanning feature as summer approaches 


  1. There are around 16,700 new melanoma skin cancer cases in the UK every year
  2. Over 370,000 users are accessing a free skin checker on the myGP app


London, 5th June, iPLATO is delighted to announce that more than 370,000 myGP app users have now benefitted from checking their skin concerns through the AI skin scanning feature. Powered by Autoderm, the skin scanner is a Class 1 CE marked dermatology search engine (registered as iDoc24 AB).   

The myGP app, which helps their 3 million users to manage their health concerns more easily, has booked over 1.1 million appointments and placed over 12 million repeat medicine orders —all from their smartphones. 

The AI tool, powered by Autoderm, quickly and anonymously assesses skin concerns such as acne, fungi, eczema, Lyme disease, possible skin cancers and visual genital concerns. The image is analysed and a list of the top five most likely skin conditions are shown. You can also see images, symptoms, treatment options, and advice on whether a doctor’s consultation is necessary. The feature boasts accuracy comparable to GPs and, for many conditions, aligns with the diagnostic performance of a dermatologist. 

“Our unique AI skin scanner tool helps people to check their skin concerns from anywhere: at home, on holiday or a business trip through the myGP app” explains the founder of the convenient AI skin checker tool, Dr Alex Börve. He continues, “We started researching dermatology AI back in 2017 and pioneered the mobile-friendly skin checker which requires only one image of the skin ailment to get an answer within a second. We have spent a lot of time on research, AI transparency and regulatory.” 

As a registered as a Class 1 CE marked dermatology search engine, Autoderm has millions of images within the growing database to help people get likely skin diagnoses. 

50% of users can self-treat instead of seeing their GP for skin concerns 

According to Cancer Research UK, 46 new melanoma cases are diagnosed daily. Skin consultations typically require longer appointment slots and are one of the most common reasons for GP visits, accumulating 13 million appointments per year as per The British Association of Dermatology. Autoderm finds that 50% of users can self-treat conditions with over-the-counter solutions, while 30% are advised to contact their GP, and only 20% are directed to a specialist dermatologist for further investigation. 

Empowering patients before seeing their GP 

A 72-year-old female user of the myGP app used the skin scanner to check and get potential diagnoses of a suspicious lump on her leg. The AI recommendation and professional diagnosis she went on to get from a dermatologist confirmed basal cell carcinoma. 

She explained, “After I scanned my skin worry, I contacted my GP and got an appointment to have it removed within a few days. The GP later called me and confirmed it was a basal cell carcinoma.”