You are able to set a limit on the number of Triage requests that are received in any category.

To set a limit on requests, follow these steps:

  • Log into your myGP Connect system, go to the left-hand side menu bar and click on Settings
  • Then press on myGP Triage at the top of the screen
  • By default, you will be in the myGP Triage—Manual section


  • Next to each category, you will see the maximum Requests
  • Select the Edit icon
  • Set the maximum daily limit you want for each category (administrative requests, Medical issues, Prescription requests)
  • You should carefully consider the number of requests you can handle at your practice on each category per day
  • Triage categories that reach their daily limit will automatically close and will not open again until the next available day, as per your configured active hours


  • Enter the upper limit you want to set for your triage requests
  • Click the Tick icon to confirm your changes or click on the Cancel icon to dismiss them

Important: Once the daily limit has been reached, the triage option will not open again until the following day.